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The Digital Life Project at the University of Massachusetts is an approved fee-based center. This means that we can create 3D models for you or your organization, whether it be a non-profit (e.g., University, NGO), for-profit (e.g., company) entity, or for you as an individual. Our typical workflow involves having a student or staff member at the University of Massachusetts first work with you to develop or harvest content (e.g., scanning, gathering photos) that will then be sent to an animator who will complete the model. Our usual goal is to display the content, once finished, on our Sketfchfab site (, or a similar site, where others can download the model free of charge (for non-profit use). This would of course ensure that you also are able to access the model for your needs. We can provide an invoice which lays out the fees associated with this arrangement. To learn more, please contact our director, Duncan Irschick at