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creating accurate 3d models of life on earth



Digital Life aims to preserve the heritage of life on Earth through creating and sharing high-quality and accurate 3D models of living organisms. We aim to spur scientific discovery, support wildlife conservation and create educational opportunities.

Digital Life is a non-profit initiative within the University of Massachusetts at Amherst that creates digital 3D models of living organisms to support wildlife conservation, science and education.  We are partnering with scientists, zoos, and NGOs to ethically gain access to a wide array of animals for 3D scanning, including endangered species.  

Utilizing the Beastcam™ technology, our team of photographers, engineers, modelers and scientists creates high-quality 3D models through photogrammetry - the integration of 2D images to create 3D models.  Digital Life’s models are freely available online for public viewing.  Over time, we will dramatically increase the number and diversity of models. 

With a deeply rooted conservation ethic, an innovative team of experts, unique 3D scanning technology, and a network of science, education and conservation partners, our aim is to become the leader in 3D modeling for life on Earth.


The Team


Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of award-winning wildlife photographers, biologists, engineers, 3D modelers and digital education specialists. Based within the Center for Evolutionary Materials at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Digital Life has a director, a four-person leadership team, as well as several advisors, collaborators, and students. 


Leadership Team


Duncan J Irschick - Director

Professor, UMASS Amherst

Co-inventor of Geckskin™ and Beastcam™ Technology

Co-Founder, Center for Evolutionary Materials





Christine Shepard

Photographer, Videographer, Entrepreneur

Founder, Coral Cove Imagery



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Andy Danylchuk

Professor, UMASS Amherst

Co-Founder, Fish Navy Films 

Ambassador, Patagonia Inc.

National Fellow, The Explorers Club




Neil Hammerschlag

Professor, University of Miami

Founder, Shark Research & Conservation Program


Advisory committee &  Collaborators


Paul Lewis

Advisory Committee

President, Great Pacific Media

Tatjana Dzambazova

Advisory Committee

Senior Project Manager, Autodesk


Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki, Ph.D.

Educational Advisor

Director of Landmark College Institute for Research and Training


Ryan Schmidt

Technical Advisor

Dynamics Graphics Project

Kalpita Patel

Director of Social Media / Communications Advisor

MPH Candidate at Boston University

students  &  Volunteers

David McIntyre  |  Photographer

Dan Perlman | Photographer

Kytzia Bourlon  |  Design Consultant

Zac Corriveau  |  Engineer

Trevor Mayhan | Engineer

Michael Pereira | Engineer

Daniel Daye | 3D modelling research

Rebecca Chun | 3D modelling research

Jared Detweiler | 3D modelling research

Andrew Metz | 3D modelling research

Jennifer Green | Administrator

Jeremy Turgeon | NE Reptile Coordinator

Project done in collaboration with Isenberg Undergraduate Consulting Group - http://www.isenbergconsulting.org


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The Technology

The Beastcam™ technology is a multi-camera 3D modelling platform that can rapidly capture 3D models of everyday objects, including living animals.  The Beastcam™ systems provide high-resolution scanning, combined with speed and portability.