Common puddle frog 

Common name: Common Puddle Frog

Species name: Occidozyga laevis

Temp ID: EDE 054

DL ID: DL 0010

Accession Number: Not yet available

Museum: Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

Collected by: Elyse D. Ellsworth, Sierra Smith, Samuel Eliades, Austin Carriere, and Cameron D. Siler

Date collected: 6/4/2017

Locality: Philippines : Luzon Island : Nueva Vizcaya : Quezon : Maddiangat, Mt. Palali

Life stage: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Habitat: In shallow pool along the stream

Preservation type: 70% Ethanol

Tissue- yes/ no: Yes

GPS:Latitude- 16.46231
Longitude- 121.21977
Elevation and units of elevation- 768, meters