pumpkinseed fish

Species name:

Lepomis gibbosus


It is a freshwater fish mostly found from New Brunswick down to the east coast of South Carolina. They grow up to 11 inches and weight less than a pound. They are orange, yellow, blue and green in colour with speckles on their sides. They are present in warm lakes or ponds where there is plenty of vegetation present. They feed at all water levels from surface to deep waters and tend to feed the most during afternoon.

This specimen was created by Dan Daye as an undergraduate at UMASS Amherst.  The model was created by first creating a scan of a preserved sunfish from the Museum of Comparative Zoology, and then overlaying the image of a different sunfish.  Thus, this 3D model does not represent a real sunfish, but rather is the result of a combination process (3D texture + new UV map). 

Conservation Status: 

Low risk/ Least concern

Geographic Range:

New Brunswick to South Carolina, Iowa to Pennsylvania